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Mosman Croquet Club’s foundation meeting was held at the Mosman Town Hall on 12 June 1924 and was attended by nearly 100 interested croquet players.  The mayor reported that a local women’s croquet club had been formed and desired two lawns on Rawson Park. 


The foundation members were Mrs Spring (President), Mrs Burrows and Mrs Fraser-Clark (Vice-Presidents), Mrs Garland (Treasurer), Mrs Simpson (Hon Secretary), with Mrs Samuels, Mrs Wines, Mrs Dickson, Mrs Fallack, Mrs King and Mrs Ardice Thomas (general committee). 


At a meeting on 14 September 1924 it was decided that the club affiliate with the Croquet Association of New South Wales and that the club colours would be pale and dark blue.

MCC Foundation Members_1924.jpg

At a meeting on 23 January 1925 it was decided that the club consist of lady members only.  Attempts in 1932, 1933 and 1935 to introduce men to the club failed, but in 1946 it was agreed to admit associate members (being members affiliated with other clubs).


On 3 March 1948 Colonel Saalfeld joined as an associate member and was later accepted to full membership on 10 August 1948.  He was joined by Major Tingey and his wife.  Today men are a significant percentage (approx 40%) of the membership.

Our History

See Honour Board Lists since 1925

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