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On-line Lawn Booking System Instructions

  • The on-line lawn booking system is the primary record of lawn availability.

  • Club sessions in the weekly program of play are blocked out for CLUB PLAY. Bookings are not required and members play with other members who arrive for Club Play.

  • There are also bookings for Coaching sessions and special events.

  • All other times are OPEN PLAY and available for members to arrange their own matches giving due consideration to other members who may be playing at the same time.

  • Members may only use the booking system to book club competition matches

Booking a Competition Match

  • To book a competition match click here to go the Booking System and enter your user name (email) and password.

  • These are the same as your Mosman Croquet website member login.

  • To see instructions for making a booking select the Help tab.

  • Note that with the new system you no longer book a lawn but either Primary Balls "p" or Secondary Balls "s" on a lawn.

  • When filling in the details in the booking screen note that your name appears in the box "Brief Description". Add your opponents name and the event name.  e.g.Joe Blow v Sue Smith Top 10

  • If you do not have a website login click Log In on the navigation bar above and click Sign Up.

  • Bookings are limited to:

    • 1 per day

    • 2 hour time limit

    • 2 weeks in advance


Registering for an AC Club Session

  • Click on the Lawn 1p column for the session and register your name

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