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Rules for Golf Croquet

(World Croquet Federation Rules, 5th Edition, effective 1/1/2019)

Summary of GC Changes: 2019  5th Edition compared to previous 4th Edition (provided by Michael Morton-Evans, Mosman Croquet Club)

Rules for Association Croquet

(Synopsis and Laws for Association Croquet, World Croquet Federation, 6th Edition, 2008)

Ricochet: How to play Aussi Croquet

(A quick way to get started playing Ricochet)

Croquet Court Setup & Dimensions

Croquet NSW

(For information on State and Club tournaments. list of players' handicaps and other news)

Mosman Handicap System

Handicap Play in GC

(Hints on how to use extra turns)

Players Pathway to Excellence Program
(Outline of Levels  (CNSW-2019)

Coaching Notes

(Hints and tips on Golf Croquet tactics and interesting views on AC breaks.They were produced by Jarrod Coutts following coaching sessions he ran for Croquet NZ.)


The Oxford Croquet Site

(A mine of useful information)


Wafer Cannons by Neil Hardie

(Rules for cannons and playing the wafer cannon)