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Members Account

On the Members Account page you set up your personal profile and the way in which you would like to be notified about posts that you follow:

  • My Account: Edit your profile name and image, your email and telephone contact.. 

  • Notifications: Displays your own forum notifications.

  • Settings: Members set which notifications they receive.

Using the Forum

To take part in the Forum log in


Viewing Posts

  • Select a category

  • Select a Post

  • Write a comment in the box at the bottom and Publish

  • If you wish to be notified about updates to the Post, click on “Follow Posts” top  right

  • See Members Account on the left for how to set notification parameters


Add a New Post

  • Select Category

  • Click “Create New Post”

Add Media

You can add images videos and documents by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the post

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